Random GPC Policy of the Day: Pollution Taxes p13

Today’s Random Green Party Policy of the Day from Vision Green is page 13:

“The Green Party will reduce taxes on things we all want, like income and employment, and we will increase taxes on things we do not want – things that will harm people and our environment.

Our ‘green tax cuts’ will be progressive, with a schedule that gives industry time to gear up or down. And it will be revenue neutral because a tax shift is not a tax grab. Income and payroll taxes will decline and the changes will help not hurt, less fortunate members of our society.

To set the rights prices, we have to change to a ‘true’ or ‘full-cost’ accounting method that incorporates economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits in the national accounts. Using this method, products and services are taxed, and thus priced, according to the positive or negative impacts caused throughout their lifecycle…

There are other ways to put taxes to work improving our society. Our tax system must be designed to reduce poverty, encourage environmentally-beneficial activities, and generate more wealth for the 90% of Canadian families who are currently working harder without getting further ahead…

Green Party MPs will:

Institute a full range of ‘polluter pays’ taxes, including a carbon tax designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels by making them more expensive to produce and burn. All these taxes will be revenue neutral. The revenues generated will be offset by reduced taxes on personal income, payroll and on green products and technologies. The new taxes will also be non-regressive (eg, the carbon tax will include a rebate program for low-income Canadians living in rural areas).

Eliminate personal taxes on income levels below the low-income cut-off (no taxes on incomes of $20,000 or less).

Provide increased tax breaks for Canadians who donate to registered charities.”

Quick Translation: The Green Party will create a revenue-neutral tax shift where polluters pay and income taxes go down.”

Won’t it feel good to vote Green?

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