Random GPC Policy of the Day: Animal Welfare

Today’s Random Green Party Policy of the Day from Vision Green is page 63:

“While everyone is against cruelty to animals, factory farming has been allowed to create systematic and routine cruelty to livestock production. Chickens are packed tightly in cages their whole lives, cattle crowd in feedlots, and pigs are kept indoors in cages on slatted metal floors all their lives. Most people believe that animals, including domesticated animals, have the right to be treated humanely…

Green Party MPs will:

- Adopt animal welfare legislation to prevent inhumane treatment of farm animals including intensive factory farming methods. The Act will set minimum standards of treatment and have a timetable for the phase-out of intensive factory farming and other inhumane animal husbandry practices. It will set standards for distances live animals can be transported, condition of animals in slaughterhouses, auctions, and entertainment, and it will prohibit trade in exotic animals.

- Update Canada’s criminal code as it pertains to animal protection, moving crimes against animals from the property section, and recognizing animals as sentient beings. The Green Party of Canada will, furthermore, invest resources in the development and training of police officers to deal with cruelty cases.”

Quick Translation: Animals are not mere property, they are sentient beings deserving of care and respect. How we treat them is a strong reflection on our own success as a culture and as human beings. It is time to recognize the inherent rights of nature.

Won’t it feel great to vote Green?

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