Random GPC Policy of the Day: Access to Justice

Today’s Random Green Party Policy of the Day from Vision Green is page 99:

“Canada seems to have a two-tiered justice system. The rising costs and complexities of litigation mean that only the wealthy have easy access to effective legal representation in our courts. Middle-class Canadians are increasingly being left in the cold by the cost and complexity of Canada’s judicial processes.

Greens understand, however, that we don’t really have real justice in Canada until we have justice for all Canadians…

Green Party MPs will:

- Increase access to justice for all Canadians notwithstanding their financial situation, by working with the provincial governments to establish a comprehensive National Legal Aid plan that will ensure stable, long-term funding.

- Simplify those matters within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Canada or Tax Court (e.g. intellectual property, income tax appeals, CPP and disability claims). Reducing the amount of time spent in court on civil and criminal matters saves taxpayers money and helps ensure cases are not kicked out due to excessive delay.

- Increase the use of alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and collaborative lawyering, in family and civil courts to reduce conflicts in relationship breakdown.

- Amend the Divorce Act to ensure children are no longer treated like the spoils of war. We will launch a consultations with Canadians, with the legal community, family therapists, and other experts to seek ways to reduce, and preferably eliminate, the adversarial nature of family law.”

Quick Translation: Our Courts are increasingly inaccessible and inequitable as those with the most money crush their opponents with pre-trial motions and huge legal bills. Canadians deserve better.

Won’t it feel great to vote Green!

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