Random GPC Policy of the Day: Immigration and New Canadians

Today’s Random Green Party Policy of the Day from Vision Green is page 86:

“Canada is a multicultural society with a strong history of welcoming immigrants and celebrating cultural diversity. Canada currently accepts about 300,000 new immigrants annually. Opportunities for new immigrants, however, vary. Studies show that immigrants from some countries do a lot better than others ins ecuring jobs with decent incomes and opportunities for advancement…

Our immigration policies must be revamped to ensure we stay true to our identity as a just, fair, and open country, and to be prepared for new challenges that are predicted to arise with increased numbers of environmental refugees seeking a safe new home in an increasingly perilous world…

Green Party MPs will:

- Lead a national discussion to define ‘environmental refugee’ and advocate for the inclusion of environmental refugees as a refugee category in Canada and accept an appropriate share of the world’s environmental refugees into Canada.

- Eliminate the valuation of foreign credentials for immigration purposes except in those cases where such credentials are recognized in Canada or a clear and expeditious path to Canadian accreditation is established, and in place establish realistic criteria for immigrants based on existing job opportunities for immigrants to Canada.

- Press professional societies to remove unnecessary barriers hindering the recognition of valid professional credentials of immigrants.”

Quick Translation: Immigration is a key part of Canada’s identity and we need to ensure that those who migrate here are welcomed with equitable opportunities and not excessive red tape.

Won’t it feel great to vote Green?

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