Vanessa Long is a small business owner and is running in this election because she feels that the short-sighted climate of fear and mistrust being created by the current government is not truly representative of Canadians. She has hope for a future where all voices are heard and respected, where resources are developed sustainably, and where justice and a quality standard of living is guaranteed to all.

As an entrepreneur she loves the Green policies for creating vibrant local economies with quality jobs for all residents, returning Canada to its former position of respect and leadership on the international stage.

Vanessa graduated from Queen’s University with dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology. She has run her small business, focused on health and work-life balance, for twenty years and continues to work with clients to help them build businesses and lives that they love.

Vanessa lives in Newmarket with her partner and three children, two of whom will be voting in their first election. Vanessa has a passion for environmental health and creating a better world for future generations. She knows that the Green Party is the only party that shares her commitment to a diverse society where every citizen can live with dignity and a high quality of life, and she is dedicated to communicating this Vision to Newmarket—Aurora.

The Green Party of Canada is excited to have Vanessa Long as our candidate in the riding of Newmarket—Aurora.