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Random GPC Policy of the Day: Fisheries v Oil & Gas p29

Today’s Random Green Party Policy of the Day from Vision Green is page 29:

“Canada’s most conspicuous environmental and economic tragedy has been the collapse of our wild fisheries… Over the last few decades, the fishing industry has installed large, powerful gear on ships equipped with sophisticated navigation and fish-finding technology. This has caused serious depletion of cod, haddock, bluefin tuna and other species, leading to the collapse of local economies and loss of important biodiversity from coast to coast to coast…

Green MPs will:

Repeal the Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Act and the Canada Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Act and adjust regional agreements to give fisheries greater protection from petroleum exploration and development.

Extend permanent bans on oil and gas exploration and development in ecologically-sensitive areas, particularly the coast of British Columbia and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Encourage a greater role for fishermen and Aboriginal peoples in managing fisheries through co-management provisions in the Oceans Act.”

Quick translation: Short-sighted policies have devastated Canadian fisheries and we need to take action now to protect our abundant shorelines.

Won’t it feel good to vote Green?

Posted by Vanessa on April 13th, 2011

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