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Press Release: Campaign After-Party

Media Release

For Immediate Release

April 28, 2011

smart economy – strong communities – true democracy.

NEWMARKET – The Green Party in Newmarket-Aurora is pleased to announce that our election night party will be at local restaurant, Tom & Jerry’s (Yonge and Millard), starting at 8 p.m.

Local Candidate Vanessa Long said, “We are looking forward to celebrating at Tom & Jerry’s. It took some effort to find a restaurant that was truly accessible so that all of our volunteers and supporters can join us after an intense local campaign. I was assured by one local restaurant that they were 100% accessible but when I visited them, there was a 2″ lip at the entryway and the washrooms were unreachable by someone in a chair. If it was this hard for me to find a location, imagine how hard it would be if I were in a wheelchair. Universal accessibility needs to be a priority in a fair and equitable society.”

Vanessa has emphasized the importance of quality of life throughout this campaign, championing the right of every resident in Newmarket and Aurora to live with dignity.

“Hopefully on election night, we’ll see the results of our hard work and Vanessa’s excellent showings at the local debates. However it turns out, we’ll be celebrating our most successful campaign to date and planning to build momentum in 2011,” said local Green CEO Carter Apps.

Everyone is welcome to drop by on Monday, May 2nd, and enjoy some Green company.

Tom & Jerry’s: 17335 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8Z2 Tel: (905) 853-2345.



Vanessa Long
Green Party of Canada
Critic for Social Services
Candidate of Record, Newmarket-Aurora
Twitter: _vanessalong


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Newmarket-Aurora Green Party Press Release – Platform Unveiled

Media Release
For Immediate Release
April 7, 2011

smart economy – strong communities – true democracy

NEWMARKET – The Green Party released its platform at a press conference in Toronto on Thursday, April 7, 2011. Vanessa Long, candidate for Newmarket-Aurora, joined Green Party candidates and Canadians across the country as Elizabeth May unveiled the platform by live-streaming video on the Internet.

The Green Book contains tax cuts for low income Canadians, tax splitting for Canadian families and real measures to clean up the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our platform makes it clear. The Green Party of Canada has a plan for a smart economy, strong communities and true democracy. We have spent our time developing solutions – not engaging in partisan name-calling. We have solutions to help families and young people, to combat climate change, to create a national transportation strategy, strengthen our communities and to fix our democracy. We call it smart economy, strong communities and true democracy,” said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

The platform contains a suite of measures designed to be economically viable, create jobs, address poverty, protect our health care system, increase support for youth and seniors, respond to the climate crisis and clean up the environment. Each measure has been fully costed.

“We will create thousands of jobs investing in renewable energy, expanding passenger rail, modernizing freight and retrofitting thousands of buildings,” added Ms. May. ”We are also the only party so far in this campaign speaking to international issues and raising trade deals as a concern.”

“I encourage all the voters of Newmarket-Aurora to have a close look at our platform. We are serious about ensuring every Canadian can live in dignity with a strong local economy, a healthy community and a true democracy,” said Vanessa Long.

The Green Party Green Book is available at


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Newmarket-Aurora Green Party Press Release – Youth Employment


For Immediate Release

March 28, 2011

Green Party candidate Vanessa Long calls for common ground on employment and education for youth

Newmarket – Green Party candidate Vanessa Long is challenging her candidates in the other parties to create a better atmosphere for the 2011 election by letting Canadians know that their candidates are capable of being positive, as well as negative. For the rest of this first week, each day the Green Party will propose an issue or idea where we think all parties can find common ground.

“For the fourth time in seven years, Canada finds itself in a federal election. I know that Canadians feel this is an unnecessary use of taxpayers’ money and they are sick of the mud-slinging and the personal attacks. We are saying, let’s try to engage the voters. Let’s try to show them that, once in a while, we can agree on important policy issues,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

The first big proposal from the Greens is that Canada needs a nation-wide employment and education initiative for youth.

“Surely all the parties can agree that providing employment and education for youth need to be a priority. Recessions hit youth the hardest. They are continually caught in a cycle of not yet having the skills or experience to be competitive but not being able to gain these skills and experience without a job,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May. “It is a critical phase of their lives and it is a worthwhile investment to create a generation that is fully participating and contributing both economically and socially.”

Ms. Long stresses that growing income inequality is a serious issue in York Region. “Every day more people are slipping into poverty and the Green Party considers that unacceptable in a country as great as Canada.”

“I am asking the other candidates Newmarket-Aurora to join in and find common ground. Show voters they are able to cooperate and work together with other parties, and agree Canada needs an investment in a nation-wide employment and education initiative for youth,” said Ms. Long.


Contact Information:
Vanessa Long
Green Party Candidate, Newmarket-Aurora
c: 905-751-6158

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