Green Candidate Chooses Leadership Over Politics

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6 Oct 2015

Green Party Candidate Chooses Leadership over Politics

NEWMARKET, ON – Vanessa Long, Green Party Candidate for Newmarket – Aurora, made a bold statement at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Candidates Debate this evening.

In her opening statement Ms. Long thanked the Chamber for inviting her to the event and then went on to say,

“Leadership is not doing what is convenient or comfortable but what is right. Tonight there is a voice missing in this debate because of a policy passed by the Chamber Board. One that ensures that no independent or small party candidate will EVER be heard at these provincial or federal debates again.”

Ms. Long highlighted several planks of her party’s platform, including the National Seniors Strategy, plans for affordable housing in York Region, and a plan to address youth employment nationally.

She went on to decry the status quo of whipped Members of Parliament who take the easier road of “politics” rather than answering the call to be the leaders that Canadians so desperately need.

Long then announced that she would be leaving to participate in the “inclusive” debate being held at the Newmarket Legion Hall. She invited both the assembled crowd and her fellow candidates to accompany her as she rose from the stage.

Afterward Ms Long stated that she was, “saddened, but not surprised,” that none of the other candidates accepted her invitation.

“The chamber’s policy effectively ensures that the citizens in Newmarket-Aurora will only hear the ideas put forward by the mainstream parties, the ones who created and maintain the increasingly precarious situation we find our country in.

“If I can’t take a stand against that type of obvious oppression, well, then I’m not the kind of leader I would follow.”

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