Find out what’s going on with the Greens in Newmarket-Aurora.

15 October 2015
Green Candidate Makes Early Exit from Newmarket-Aurora Debate
Brock Weir – The Auroran

(NEWMARKET) - It was a debate to remember last week as Newmarket-Aurora Green Party candidate Vanessa Long made an early exit in the name of “democracy” and leadership. Ms. Long’s premature departure was in protest of a decision by debate hosts the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, to exclude Progressive Canadian candidate Dorian Baxter from the proceedings citing support at the ballot box the last time around. read more

8 October 2015
Newmarket-Aurora Candidates Serve Up Mix of Tasty, Bland Morsels at Debate
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era Banner

(NEWMARKET) - It’s said you should never talk about politics over family dinner. But when your close family reaches several hundred and the table is set up at the Newmarket Theatre, perhaps a little politically-charged drama is supposed to be on the menu around Thanksgiving time. read more

6 October 2015
Green Party Candidate Chooses Leadership over Politics

(NEWMARKET) – Vanessa Long, Green Party Candidate for Newmarket – Aurora, made a bold statement at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Candidates Debate this evening. read more

30 September 2015
Newmarket-Aurora candidates discuss environmental policies
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era Banner

From the protection of the local watershed to investments in public transit infrastructure, each Newmarket-Aurora federal election candidate is eager to discuss the environmental policies of their respective parties. read more

24 September 2015
Green candidate calls on Newmarket chamber to include everyone in debate
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

At least one of Dorian Baxter’s fellow Newmarket-Aurora federal election candidates is jumping to his defence. read more

24 September 2015
Green Party Candidate Calls for Inclusiveness in Newmarket Chamber

(NEWMARKET) – There’s a chill on democracy in Newmarket-Aurora during this federal election and Green Party Candidate, Vanessa Long, is calling on the Board of the Newmarket Chamber to reverse its position on debate participation. read more

24 September 2015
On the campaign trail: Long hopes to extend base of support
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

“You’re about to go out with a candidate for a party no one knows exists.”
It was a statement with unexpected candour from Green Party candidate Vanessa Long as I met up with her for a round of door knocking on a sunny and hot afternoon last week. read more

24 September 2015
Newmarket-Aurora candidates promise to assist local families
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

Easing the burden on families starts with ensuring a standard quality of life and reducing household debt, Green candidate Vanessa Long said. read more

17 September 2015
Candidates debate anti-terrorism law Bill C-51
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

Green candidate Vanessa Long disagrees with Brown’s assessment of the legislation. She calls C-51 “broad and vague” and says it has created a “blanket of fear”. She also worries about the legislation’s implications on her rights as a self-proclaimed environmentalist and anti-poverty advocate. read more

16 September 2015
Newmarket-Aurora Candidates Set Out Social Priorities
Brock Weir – The Auroran

(NEWMARKET) – It was a packed house last week as five of Newmarket-Aurora’s Federal candidates laid out their priorities on social issues in an all-candidates’ meeting hosted by the ecumenical KAIROS and Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  read more

11 September 2015
Newmarket-Aurora federal election candidates talk social issues
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

From poverty and the state of health care to Aboriginal rights and the Syrian refugee crisis, Newmarket-Aurora candidates discussed the social issues close to their hearts during an all-candidates meeting at Trinity United Church Sept. 10. read more

10 September 2015
Newmarket-Aurora candidates provide views on economy
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

Companies rely too heavily on contract and part-time employment. Meanwhile, increasing household debt loads and significant reliance on service industry jobs is negatively affecting the quality of life for many residents, Green Party candidate Vanessa Long said. read more

9 September 2015
Conservatives to Skip Vote Smart Debates
Brock Weir – The Auroran

(AURORA) – Aurora university student Kelsea Walsh founded the Vote Smart campaign this past May, intending to create a new twist on giving local candidates a platform to explain why they are running to represent area constituents in the October 19 Federal Election, speak about the issues that matter to them, and engage with voters in an informal setting. read more

8 September 2015
‘Speed dating’ with Newmarket-Aurora federal election candidates
Chris Simon – Newmarket Era

Picking a candidate can be a lot like entering into a relationship.

You’re often expected to learn as much as you can about that person in a short period of time — either generating enough commonality to form a long-term commitment or going your separate ways. read more

2 September 2015
Long Aims to Give Hope to Voters While Addressing Income Gaps
Brock Weir – The Auroran

(AURORA) - Newmarket-Aurora voters can expect something different this time around from Green Party candidate Vanessa Long. In the last Federal election, Ms. Long says she did everything she was expected to do but, in the process, “learned that it is not necessarily the way to do it.” read more