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Important! Updated Riding Boundaries for the 2015 General Election

What will a Green Newmarket-Aurora look like? What will I do for the community as your MP? Great questions.

A Green Newmarket-Aurora will have a high quality of life where every resident has the opportunity to live with dignity. This means they have the financial and social support to make the choices that are best for them. We will have a strong local economy based on sustainability and resiliency best practices.

In my first term I would have six priorities:

  1. Fight for true democracy to ensure that voters have a voice in Parliament, no matter what Party they vote for. Proportional representation is a better system of democracy and it is time that Canada caught up to the rest of the world’s democracies.
  2. Work to reduce income taxes and payroll taxes so that employers can afford to hire workers and you get to keep more money in your pocket.
  3. Create local capacity for energy and food production. We need to be generating a proportion of our own energy and growing our own food. We need a reliable local food supply and markets to access that food.
  4. Building our local economy with companies that would make Newmarket-Aurora a green tech hub in Canada. We have a great quality of life here, I want people to live, work, play and learn here so they actually get to enjoy it.
  5. Engage youth and seniors in our communities with education and employment opportunities. We need to create a community where every resident feels welcome, at all stages of life, from pre-natal to post-mortem.
  6. Building an integrated transportation network that encourages people to get outside and enjoy walking, cycling, and meeting their neighbours.
Lawn Sign for Vanessa Long

Putting in the first Vanessa Long lawn sign with a Wee Green

I am passionate about making Newmarket and Aurora the best place to live in Canada and I am asking for your support to get ready for the next game. You can help by requesting a lawn sign and donating to the campaign.

Thank you.


P.S. To be even more specific, as your Green MP, I will:

  • work with government at all levels to implement a building code that ensures all new builds, and renovations, meet high standards of energy efficiency, energy production and accessibility
  • work with the local Business Development Officers and Chambers to help bring green technology firms to Newmarket and Aurora to create high-quality, local, lasting jobs
  • listen to my constituents and be their voice in Parliament, not just a Party drone
  • help build the digital infrastructure that will keep us the envy of the nation
  • invest in healthy communities and disease prevention
  • fight for access to natural health products and alternative therapies – every person deserves the right to choose their health care
  • support local arts initiatives, life just would be worth it without the beauty and passion the arts convey and we have a great local community, I will continue my support
  • work to reform the Divorce Act with a default presumption of equal parenting to lessen the adversarial and costly nature of the Family Law system
  • bring attention to, and work to restore funding for, Canadian cities who have had services downloaded to them from other levels of government while their funding has been cut back by creating several superfunds for municipalities to address infrastructure, transportation, health, and housing issues
  • create a National Housing strategy to ensure that we have adequate affordable housing – no more 13-year wait lists
  • fight for our Health Care system, to keep it public, comprehensive, universal, portable within Canada and accessible with reduced wait times
  • fight to repeal the disability lump sum for veterans and replace it with a lifetime pension that ensures the amazing men and women who have offered up their lives for our country can live with dignity
  • raise the low income cut-off to $20,000 and eliminate the EI (and other support) clawback below this level
  • work for a public transportation system that connects us to each other and to downtown Toronto in a reliable and flexible manner – I want weekend GO service!

You can donate and request a lawn sign to help our local campaign. I look forward to meeting with you.

Won’t it feel good to vote Green!